SmartSens Introduces SC5000CS: A Revolutionary 50MP Sensor Equipped with 0.7μm Pixels and Remarkable 4K Video Features

SmartSens Introduces SC5000CS: A Revolutionary 50MP Sensor Equipped with 0.7μm Pixels and Remarkable 4K Video Features

SmartSens, a leading developer of high-performance CMOS image sensors, has announced the release of its latest mobile image sensor, the SC5000CS. This sensor is designed to deliver high dynamic range, low noise, and advanced video capabilities for high-end smartphones.

Specifications of the SC5000CS

The SC5000CS features a 50-megapixel resolution, a size of 1/2.5 inches, and a pixel size of 0.702μm. It utilizes SmartSens' proprietary SFCPixel-SL technology, which enhances low-light performance and dynamic range. With a pixel-level dual conversion gain design, the SC5000CS significantly reduces read noise (RN) and fixed pattern noise (FPN). SmartSens claims that the sensor achieves an RN as low as 1.0e- and an FPN as low as 0.2e-.

High Dynamic Range and Low Noise in Photos

The SC5000CS supports dual exposure non-overlapping HDR and line-interleaved HDR modes. These features enable the sensor to capture images with a wider dynamic range, ensuring high-quality photos even in challenging lighting conditions. The technology behind the SC5000CS also allows it to capture 4K video at 60fps. By utilizing the Summing mode, which combines the output of four pixels into one, the sensor achieves a pixel size of 1.404μm, enabling high-quality video recording.

Advanced Focusing and Power Efficiency

SmartSens has incorporated Sparse PDAF technology into the SC5000CS, enabling precise and fast focusing on select pixels. This ensures quick and clear image capture, particularly in dynamic scenes. Additionally, the sensor's advanced design and process in reading circuit technology contribute to its lower power consumption compared to competitors. This results in extended battery life for smartphones, addressing a major concern for many users.

Availability and Future Prospects

The SC5000CS is currently accepting samples and is expected to enter mass production in Q2 2024. This means that smartphones equipped with this sensor can be anticipated later this year. SmartSens has also recently introduced the SC580XS, another 50-megapixel smartphone image sensor with a 1/1.28-inch optical format. The SC580XS offers improved low-light performance and 4K video capabilities at 120fps.

SmartSens continues to demonstrate its expertise in developing high-performance image sensors for various applications. With the release of the SC5000CS, the company aims to provide smartphone users with exceptional photography and video capabilities, along with improved power efficiency.

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