Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra demonstrates durability against concrete in drop and scratch examination

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra demonstrates durability against concrete in drop and scratch examination

Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, recently underwent a comprehensive durability test conducted by PBKreviews on YouTube. The focus of the evaluation was to assess the phone’s resilience to drops and scratches, which are crucial factors in everyday usage.

Gorilla Glass Armor with Minor Cracks

The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts Corning’s innovative Gorilla Glass Armor cover material, renowned for its durability. Corning’s laboratory tests have showcased the superior resilience of Gorilla Armor compared to similar aluminosilicate cover glass. In fact, their new lab test, the Auto-Scratch Device, demonstrated that Gorilla Armor is over four times more resistant to scratches than comparable aluminosilicate cover glass.

However, during the durability test, the phone’s screen faced challenges in drop tests. A face-down drop from waist height resulted in a minor crack on the display. Subsequent repeated drops led to additional cracks, although the display continued to function. It is worth noting that the cracks on the display were not severe, indicating that the screen’s glass edges are not curved, providing better protection against drops.

Impressive Scratch Resistance and Protection

On the other hand, the back of the Galaxy S24 Ultra remained unscathed, with no cracks on the rear panel or camera lens. This showcases the device’s durability and its ability to withstand everyday wear and tear. It is important to mention that the testing methodology involved only one drop per test, making the results more indicative than conclusive.

Resilient User Experience

Despite the observed cracks on the screen, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s durability shines through, especially in terms of scratch resistance and protection of the rear components. These findings suggest that in real-world scenarios, the device is likely to withstand scratches admirably and offer robust protection against accidental drops. This contributes to an overall resilient user experience.

In conclusion, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s durability test highlights its strengths in withstanding scratches and protecting its rear components. While there were minor cracks on the screen, the device’s overall performance and resilience make it a reliable choice for everyday usage.

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