Samsung Galaxy Ring Model Numbers - All Sizes Surface

Samsung Galaxy Ring Model Numbers – All Sizes Surface

A range of information concerning the Samsung Galaxy Ring has already been disclosed. Despite its official release being a few months away, the anticipation is high for the impact it will have on the smart rings market. The latest update from GalaxyClub has unveiled the model numbers assigned to the upcoming wearable device.

Samsung Galaxy Ring model numbers revealed

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Ring will be available in nine different sizes and offered in three color choices. The recent report has disclosed the model numbers for these different versions, which include SM-Q500, SM-Q501, SM-Q502, SM-Q505, SM-Q506, SM-Q507, SM-Q508, and SM-Q509. These models add up to eight, with the ninth model, likely to be SM-Q503 or SM-Q504, not yet identified. It's probable that the missing model number has not been identified yet.

Potential Differences Among Models

While the absence of the ninth model seems mysterious, it is assumed that the variations between the listed models and the missing one will be minimal, probably related to size and battery capacity. The SM-Q500 might be the smallest model at 2.3 grams, while the SM-Q509 could be the largest at 2.9 grams.

Production Plans and Features

A report from last month suggests that Samsung aims to produce 400,000 units of the Galaxy Ring initially, with mass production scheduled to begin the following month. The smart ring is expected to debut at an Unpacked event in either July or August. It is confirmed to have a battery life of up to 9 days and will be compatible with various Android devices, excluding iOS.

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