Samsung Drops Plus Model in Future Galaxy S25 Series

Samsung Drops Plus Model in Future Galaxy S25 Series

Samsung is making a significant alteration to its Galaxy S series! Recently, Android Headlines has been releasing new information about Samsung’s upcoming devices. It appears Samsung might eliminate the Plus model from the Galaxy S25 lineup.

While leaks have validated the presence of the standard Galaxy S25 and the Galaxy S25 Ultra, the Galaxy S25 Plus is notably absent. The model numbers for the forthcoming Samsung phones are: SM-S931B/DS, SM-S938B, SM-S938U, SM-S938N, and SM-S9380. The regular Galaxy S25 and the S25 Ultra are present, but sadly, the S25 Plus is missing.

Shift in Samsung’s Strategy

Initial leaks for the Galaxy S24 series in July 2023 suggested a traditional three-model lineup consisting of the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. However, recent leaks indicate a possible change in Samsung’s strategy, with only two models expected for the S25 lineup. The company appears to be unsatisfied with the sales figures of the S24 Plus, leading to the decision to discontinue the S25 Plus model.

Display Differences

Previously, Samsung provided a superior display in the S24+ compared to the regular S24. Both the S23 and S23+ had 1080 x 2340 resolution screens, but this year, the Plus model featured a higher resolution display (1440 x 3120). Despite this enhancement, it seems consumers are still not inclined to choose the Plus model.

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