Roku Unveils Pro Series 4K TVs with Dolby Atmos & Mini LED

Roku Unveils Pro Series 4K TVs with Dolby Atmos & Mini LED

Roku of California recently introduced their Pro Series TVs with cutting-edge features intended to deliver a premium viewing experience, including Mini LED backlighting which promises exceptional brightness and contrast levels. Furthermore, these 4K televisions boast QLED panels equipped with HDR10+ Dolby Vision DolbyVision compatibility as well as 120Hz refresh rates offering crystal-clear visuals and seamless motion handling for users.

Performance And Streamlining Are Key Elements in Success

Pro Series TVs feature a quad-core processor to ensure efficient television operations, providing responsive menus and quick app launches without frustrating loading screens. Furthermore, Wi-Fi 6 support ensures uninterrupted streaming for high-definition content such as 4K.

Engaging Audio And Smart Features

Pro Series TVs boast an engaging audio experience thanks to side-firing Dolby Atmos speakers that create an expansive cinematic soundscape. Furthermore, these TVs seamlessly integrate with both wired and wireless soundbars, speakers, subwoofers for customized listening experience - as well as Bluetooth compatibility that enables private listening via wireless headphones.

Advanced Technologies And User Experience

Pro Series products feature an NPU that unlocks smart features, like Smart Picture Max powered by AI. This intelligent feature automatically adapts its settings based on what content is being watched, optimizing color, sharpness and motion for an exceptional viewing experience; even providing brightness adjustments based on ambient lighting conditions for an outstanding experience.

Smart Picture Max may remain exclusive to Roku TV Pro Series models, but all Roku TVs will benefit from future OS updates that provide more features like Backdrops - an aesthetically pleasing screensaver featuring artwork or personal photos - improving visuals when not watching television; deeper integration with IMDb; an upgraded mobile app providing improved search functionality; as well as new content categories all serve to elevate user experiences further.

Pro Series TVs can now be purchased at select retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart for prices ranging from $900 for 55-inch models all the way up to $1,700 for 75-inch variants.

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