ROG Mjolnir Gaming UPS Powers RTX 4080 for 1 Hour, 10ms Switchover

ROG Mjolnir Gaming UPS Powers RTX 4080 for 1 Hour, 10ms Switchover

ASUS has introduced its latest portable UPS system known as the ROG Mjolnir Portable Gaming UPS. Let's explore the features this system provides.

A Portable UPS System with Versatile Ports

Shaped like Thor's hammer, this portable UPS is designed to be easy to carry. However, the weight remains undisclosed. It features a 768Wh capacity battery, which reportedly can power a GeForce RTX 4080 system for one hour during gaming. The device also boasts a quick 10ms switchover time.

An LCD display offers real-time power draw and total remaining energy.

Output Options and Additional Features

The UPS includes 4 AC power sockets, along with two Type-A and two Type-C ports. It supports 100W PD fast charging for compatible devices. Additionally, it provides Qi2 wireless charging with MagSafe compatibility, enabling it to function as a power bank for portable devices like phones and laptops. Solar recharging is also supported for extended battery life.

A built-in flashlight can magnetically attach to the handle, providing illumination during power outages.

Battery Technology

The ROG Mjolnir is equipped with an LFP (Lithium-iron phosphate) battery, which offers several advantages over other lithium batteries. LFP batteries are safer as they contain no oxygen and tend to retain their life better over time compared to Li-ion batteries. This makes the ROG Mjolnir Portable Gaming UPS a viable option for long-term use.

Pricing and Availability

The price of the ROG Mjolnir Portable Gaming UPS has not been disclosed yet. It is listed as “Coming Soon” on the company's website.

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