Roborock P10S Pro: High Suction Power, Hot Water Cleaning, Extendable Side Brush

Roborock P10S Pro: High Suction Power, Hot Water Cleaning, Extendable Side Brush

Chinese company Roborock has introduced its latest robot vacuum cleaner, the P10S, in the domestic market. This launch follows the debut of the Roborock P10 Pro last summer.

Features of Roborock P10S Pro

The Roborock P10S Pro is offered in two versions, both boasting 11kPa suction power, marking one of Roborock's most robust suction capabilities. Equipped to clean floors with hot water, the P10S Pro also includes an extendable side brush for tackling challenging corners effectively.

Upgrades and Improvements

Positioned as the flagship model within the Roborock P10 series, the P10S Pro surpasses its predecessor, the P10 Pro, in performance. Notably, the series also includes the less potent P10S model. The P10S Pro showcases a substantial 57% enhancement in suction power over the P10 Pro, which hit the market in late summer 2023.

Enhanced Capabilities

Boasting a suction power of 11,000 Pa, a significant increase from the P10 Pro's 7,000 Pa suction, the P10S Pro offers additional features such as a hot wash mop for surface sterilization at temperatures reaching up to 60°C with a 99.99% effectiveness rate. Retaining key features like Roborock SmartPlan AI and a FlexiArm for enhanced edge coverage seen in previous iterations.

Pricing and Availability

The Roborock P10S Pro is priced starting from 3,999 yuan ($556), discounted from its original 5,599 yuan ($778) tag. For those seeking the advanced docking station, a bundled package is available for 4,599 yuan ($639) until the upcoming month, after which it will retail at 6,199 yuan ($861). While global availability details for the Roborock P10S Pro are currently undisclosed, it is anticipated to enter the international market in the near future.

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