Revolutionary Samsung Update Alters Wi-Fi Calling Usage

Revolutionary Samsung Update Alters Wi-Fi Calling Usage

Samsung continues to expand its smartphone family, not neglecting to add new features to its existing products. Recently, the company introduced artificial intelligence features called Galaxy AI, alongside the S24 series. Now, Samsung has enhanced the call recording functionality on its Galaxy smartphones, allowing users to record calls in VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) mode. Here are the details…

Samsung Galaxy Phones Get a Boost as VoWiFi Call Recording is Here

Samsung has introduced the VoWiFi call recording feature on the Galaxy S24 series and some other Galaxy phones running OneUI 6.1 or later software. This feature allows you to record voice calls made over Wi-Fi. In case you’re not familiar, VoWiFi stands for “Voice over WiFi,” enabling you to make and receive voice calls using your Wi-Fi network, which can be handy when your cellular signal is weak or when you have better access to a Wi-Fi network.

Certainly, this can be particularly useful for recording long and important conversations. However, it’s still important to be cautious. Recording someone’s voice, especially without their consent, isn’t a good practice. It can be a legal issue with consequences in many countries. Therefore, it’s advisable to think twice before using such a feature.

How to Use VoWiFi Call Recording:

Open the Settings app on your phone.

Navigate to the Calls option.

Touch the option for Other call settings.

Find and enable the VoWiFi call recording option.

Also, if you can’t find the VoWiFi call recording option, make sure your phone is running on OneUI 6.1 or later software.

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