Redmi K80 Launch Rumored in China Soon: Insider Tip!

Redmi K80 Launch Rumored in China Soon: Insider Tip!

Xiaomi is currently in the process of developing the Redmi K80 smartphone, which is set to follow the K70 series. Recent leaks suggest that the Redmi K80 might soon be launched in China, the brand's home market.

Redmi K80 Launch in China Imminent

According to information shared by the well-known tipster Smart Pikachu on Weibo, progress on the Redmi K80 series is advancing rapidly. Smart Pikachu noted that Xiaomi is altering its approach with the upcoming Redmi K80 lineup. The focus will now be entirely on the flagship-grade model, with the more budget-friendly mid-range options like the Redmi K80e possibly being excluded from the series.

Potential Changes in Redmi Lineup

It's speculated that the Redmi K80 series in China may only consist of the base K80 and K80 Pro models, with the exclusion of the K80e variant. Smart Pikachu hinted that the K80e model might find its place in another lineup, possibly the Note series, with a potential introduction of a Redmi Note 14e variant.

Rumors on Processor Upgrades

While details are scarce, a recent report from another Weibo tipster hinted that the Redmi K80 and K80 Pro could feature the next generation of Snapdragon processors. The specific chip, whether it's the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 series or the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, remains unknown, as the smartphones are anticipated to be released by late 2024.

Redmi K80 Launch Rumored in China Soon: Insider Tip!
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