Redmi K70 Ultra: Slimmest Bottom Bezel in Brand’s History

Redmi K70 Ultra: Slimmest Bottom Bezel in Brand’s History

Redmi officially unveiled the K70 Ultra yesterday, slated for release this month. The latest images showcase the phone in the new “Ice Glass” color option, revealing several design updates. Additionally, the company has disclosed some key display features in a separate teaser.

Narrower Bezel Design

The Redmi K70 Ultra sports a 1.5K next-generation display panel, featuring a 1.7mm ultra-narrow bezel on the top and sides, making it slimmer than its predecessor. The bottom bezel is slightly thicker at 1.9mm, though it is the narrowest in the brand’s history. You can observe the differences in the images shared by the company.

Flat Display Advantages

The device retains a flat display design similar to the previous model. Wang Teng, general manager of the Redmi brand, discussed the benefits of this flat design, noting that it eliminates blind spots and prevents accidental touches when using buttons. He also highlighted that the flat design enhances the gaming experience.

Advanced Display Technology

The phone features a C8+ display panel developed in collaboration with Xiaomi and TCL Huaxing. This panel offers 3840 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming when the brightness is below 60 nits and DC dimming above that level. These features make the display eye-friendly, especially in low-light conditions.

Performance and Cooling

Powered by the Dimensity 9300+ chipset, the K70 Ultra includes a newly designed 3D ICE cooling system, enabling the phone to achieve 120fps in games like Genshin Impact. Alongside the Dimensity chipset, the device also incorporates an independent graphics D1 chip.

Redmi K70 Ultra: Slimmest Bottom Bezel in Brand’s History
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