Redmi Car Possibilities Hinted by Xiaomi Executive

Redmi Car Possibilities Hinted by Xiaomi Executive

Xiaomi is broadening its product range beyond just smartphones and smart home devices available exclusively in China. A significant move was made by the company as it entered the electric vehicle market with its SU7 EV. The response to this new venture has been overwhelming, with reports of 3 AM test drives and a high demand for the vehicle.

Xiaomi's Foray into Electric Vehicles

The recent buzz surrounding Xiaomi's entry into the electric vehicle market has sparked curiosity among consumers familiar with the brand's product strategy. The question on many minds is, "Will there be a Redmi electric vehicle?" Wang Teng, the general manager of Xiaomi's Redmi brand, has shed light on the matter, providing insights into the company's future plans in this sector.

Undoubtedly, the idea of an affordable Redmi car has been a long-standing wish for Xiaomi fans. Speculations about a Redmi EV have circulated for some time, fueling anticipation. Wang Teng has clarified that while there are no immediate plans for a Redmi car, Xiaomi is gearing up for the launch of new models under its own brand.

Wang Teng emphasized the importance of supporting and promoting the Xiaomi SU7 before envisioning a potential Redmi car. He highlighted that Xiaomi's focus is currently on establishing a strong foundation with its core models. While the idea of a Redmi car remains uncertain, Xiaomi has ambitious plans for expanding its vehicle lineup in the future.

In a recent statement issued by Xiaomi Auto, the company reiterated its commitment to prioritizing the development of the SU7 EV over an affordable Redmi Car. The report emphasized the challenges in significantly reducing costs to create a competitive electric vehicle under a subsidiary brand like Redmi. Xiaomi's primary goal is to solidify its position in the electric vehicle market before considering ventures into additional sub-brands.

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