Redmi Buds 6S with Noise Reduction and Spatial Audio Launched at $27

Redmi Buds 6S with Noise Reduction and Spatial Audio Launched at $27

Xiaomi’s Redmi has introduced new semi-ear active noise-canceling earbuds, the Redmi Buds 6S, in China. The Redmi Buds 6S features spatial audio and comes in a compact square box design. The earbuds are available in three colors: Clear Snow White, Midnight Black, and Starry Sea Blue. According to the listing on Xiaomi Mall, the earbuds are labeled as “coming soon,” so the complete release details are not yet available.

Key Specifications

The Redmi Buds 6S boasts a 14.2 mm ultra-large dynamic unit and a 0.45 mm ultra-large amplitude. It has earned the NetEase Cloud Audio ultra-clear sound quality certification, emphasizing its high-fidelity audio output. The earbuds offer semi-in-ear active noise cancellation with two noise reduction modes. Additionally, they feature dual microphone AI call anti-wind noise, with a maximum anti-wind noise effect of 9m/s. The device also includes SoundID customized sound effects, adaptive hearing optimization, and spatial audio for a well-rounded sound experience.

Compatibility and Battery Life

The Spatial Audio feature of the Redmi Buds 6S is compatible with several devices such as the Redmi K70, Redmi K70 Pro, Xiaomi Mix Fold 3, Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 14, and Xiaomi 14 Ultra, among others. The earbuds offer a total battery life of 33 hours when used with the charging case. They support Xiaomi Hyper Connect audio streaming, smart dual-device connection, and can be integrated with the Xiaomi Headphones app.

Pricing & Availability

The Redmi Buds 6S is priced at 199 yuan ($27) on Xiaomi Mall. While the complete release details have not been disclosed yet, it is anticipated that these features and other specifications of the earbuds will be available soon as the launch is imminent.

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