Announcement: RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 Unveils Upgraded Grip Design for Zero-Latency Gaming Experience

Announcement: RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 Unveils Upgraded Grip Design for Zero-Latency Gaming Experience

RedMagic has recently introduced the Shadow Blade GamePad 2 gaming controller, which boasts zero latency and an improved grip design. Specifically designed for mobile gamers, this controller is equipped with two custom back triggers for enhanced gaming experience.

Enhanced Compatibility and Customization

The RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 features an adjustable Type-C port that can accommodate smartphones ranging from 110mm to 185mm in height. This expanded height coverage represents a 3.3% increase compared to its predecessors, ensuring compatibility with virtually all smartphones. Moreover, the two custom triggers on the controller can be mapped with a combination of 20 key positions, allowing gamers to personalize their gaming setup. The controller also includes a charging port, enabling uninterrupted gaming while charging.

Smooth and Responsive Controls

The triggers on the Shadow Blade GamePad 2 are designed to be flexible and easy to control. A self-developed IC algorithm ensures a highly smooth response, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The gamepad also comes with replaceable left and right gamepad shells, providing users with the option to customize their controller's appearance.

Impressive Features and Specifications

On the front of the gamepad, users will find an ALPS left stick, cross buttons, a screenshot key, a REDMAGIC button, an ALPS right stick, ABX buttons, and RT keys. The rear of the controller is equipped with hall linear triggers that offer 256 layers of change and a minimal response interval of less than 0.1mm. These features contribute to precise and accurate control during gameplay.

Pricing and Availability

The RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 is currently available in select regions, including the US, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, EU, and the UK. In the US and Canada, the controller is priced at $94.90, while in the EU, it is priced at €94.90 ($103). In the UK, the controller retails for £79.90 ($101), while in Singapore, it is priced at SGD 129.90 ($94). In Mexico, the game controller is available for 1,969 Pesos ($114). As of now, the controller is only available in black, and there is no information regarding its full global availability and pricing details from RedMagic.

With its zero latency and improved grip design, the RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 presents a compelling option for mobile gamers seeking enhanced control and customization in their gaming experience.

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