Red Magic 8 Pro Global Models to Receive Red Magic OS 8.0 Announcement

Red Magic 8 Pro Global Models to Receive Red Magic OS 8.0 Announcement

Back in November, Red Magic initiated the rollout of the Red Magic OS 8.0 update specifically for the Red Magic 8 Pro in China. Recently, the brand has made an exciting announcement that the Red Magic OS 8 is now accessible for global users of the Red Magic 8 Pro. While an official changelog has been attached to the update, details regarding the specific enhancements remain limited. Fortunately, a glimpse into the Chinese update changelog offers insight into what users can anticipate.

Red Magic 8 Pro Red Magic OS 8.0 Changelog (Chinese model):

New Features:

  • Game record function
  • Player power panel plug-in
  • Streamer desktop function
  • Spotlight application set
  • Floating light notification set
  • Lock screen setting
  • Personalized signature function

Desktop Enhancements:

  • Multiple page-turning effects
  • New desktop drawer mode
  • New desktop component and icons
  • New personalized signature component
  • New sports billboard component

Additional Features:

  • Smart quick network finding function
  • Smart high-speed rail mode
  • Smart antenna capabilities
  • System settings
  • Customizable desktop icon shapes and system colors
  • Application hiding function
  • Dialing with two fingers to call


  • Improved game plug-in display experience
  • Optimized individual game settings
  • Enhanced barrage message experiences
  • Charging separation settings

These aforementioned changes are expected to be integrated into the global update. Notably, this update remains rooted in Android 13, with plans from the brand to introduce Android 14 through the Red Magic OS 9 update. A beta build for Red Magic OS 9 is also on the horizon.

The initial rollout of the Red Magic OS 8.0 update is set to debut in non-EU regions. Red Magic has reassured users that efforts are underway to promptly make the EU version of the update accessible.

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