Optibike RIOT Electric Mountain Bike: Up to 290km Range Launch

Optibike RIOT Electric Mountain Bike: Up to 290km Range Launch

Optibike has introduced a cutting-edge electric mountain bike named the Optibike RIOT eMTB, boasting an unparalleled 180-mile (290km) range. This innovative e-bike is offered in US and EU variants, featuring 750W and 250W motors respectively. Branded as the most potent in its category, the Optibike RIOT is designed for all-terrain adventures. In the US edition, the e-bike showcases a maximum torque of 190Nm, enabling it to conquer inclines of up to 46% effortlessly. The extended mileage of the RIOT eMTB can be attributed to its substantial 1,620Wh battery capacity.

Unveiling the Features

The Optibike RIOT stands out as a class 1 bike in the US, emphasizing its robust torque of 190Nm, facilitating seamless navigation on steep slopes. With a capped speed of approximately 32km/h in the US and 25km/h in the EU due to regulatory variances, the RIOT eMTB caters to diverse riding environments. Equipped with a dual-sided pedelec torque sensor and a high-capacity 1,620Wh lithium-ion battery, this e-bike ensures a powerful and enduring riding experience.

Unmatched Specifications and Design

Featuring an LCD display on its handlebar and an optional 2,700 headlight for enhanced nighttime visibility, the Optibike RIOT prioritizes user experience and safety. Its construction includes a RockShox ZEB Ultimate Suspension Fork on the front and a Fox 230 x 65 Float X Air Shock at the rear, both offering 170mm of travel for smooth rides on varied terrains. Additionally, riders can customize their experience by opting for a 14-speed Rohloff geared hub, cassette, or derailleur. The RIOT eMTB's carbon fiber frame and swingarm contribute to its lightweight design, weighing approximately 31kg.

Pricing Details

The Optibike RIOT electric mountain bike is currently open for pre-orders, starting at $14,400. While Optibike has not specified the exact delivery timelines for customers, the company has mentioned limited availability of the RIOT eMTB, although exact quantities have not been disclosed.

Optibike RIOT Electric Mountain Bike: Up to 290km Range Launch
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