OnePlus Watch 2 Major Update: New Features & Quality Improvements

OnePlus Watch 2 Major Update: New Features & Quality Improvements

Earlier this year, OnePlus introduced its eagerly awaited OnePlus Watch 2. The smartwatch has garnered significant success in various markets by transitioning from its RTOS-based operating system to Google’s WearOS 4. Recently, the brand has rolled out a new update for the smartwatch, version OPWWE231_11_A.94, which includes several new features and optimizes existing ones.

OnePlus Watch 2 OPWWE231_11_A.94 Update:

Enhanced Workout Data Display: The update enhances the display of workout data, making it more comprehensible.

Music Control During Workouts: Users can now manage their music by swiping left during workouts, simplifying music control while exercising.

New Apps – Relax and Barometer: The Relax app provides guided breathing exercises to help alleviate stress, while the Barometer app helps track atmospheric pressure.

Improved Power Saver Mode: The Power Saver mode now includes contacts, favorite contacts, and call logs, keeping essential information easily accessible.

Settings Updates: Users can disable the “Tap to Wake” feature to prevent accidental screen activation, and removing a watch face has become more straightforward.

Refined Algorithms: Workout and health algorithms have been improved for greater accuracy and performance.

Alongside this update, OnePlus has also released version 4.22 of the OHealth App with these enhancements:

OHealth App Version 4.22:

Fitness Tab Upgrade: The Fitness tab in the OHealth app now provides more detailed data statistics, offering users deeper insights into their workout routines.

UI Adaptation for Foldable Phones: The OHealth app has been adapted to fit the larger screens of foldable phones, ensuring a smoother and more visually appealing experience.

Visual and Performance Optimization: The visual experience and overall smoothness of the app have been significantly enhanced.

The brand has not disclosed an exact release date for this update, but users can expect it to be available in the coming days.

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