OnePlus Pad Update: Boosts Battery & Resolves Screen Flickering

OnePlus Pad Update: Boosts Battery & Resolves Screen Flickering

OnePlus recently rolled out an update for its OnePlus Pad aimed at enhancing the tablet's battery life and addressing various issues. The update, identified as OPD2203_14.0.0.500(EX01), is currently being distributed in India, Europe, and globally. Its primary objectives include improving battery longevity, resolving screen flickering problems during orientation changes, and fixing issues related to calendar event additions and app switching.

Update Enhancements and Fixes

The latest update for the OnePlus Pad also resolves a display anomaly that occurs when the tablet is linked to a phone via Multi-Screen Connect. Additionally, it incorporates the February 2024 Android Security Patch to bolster the system's security measures. The comprehensive changelog can be found below.

OnePlus Pad OxygenOS Update Changelog


  • Enhances system stability and performance.
  • Reduces power consumption to prolong battery life under specific scenarios.
  • Rectifies app-switching difficulties within recent tasks.
  • Addresses screen flickering when transitioning between landscape and portrait modes.
  • Resolves issues pertaining to adding calendar events.


  • Integrates the February 2024 Android security patch to bolster system security.


  • Resolves discrepancies in information display on the tablet when connected to a phone via Multi-Screen Connect.

OnePlus is implementing a phased release for this update, ensuring a gradual deployment to all users. The company encourages users to provide feedback on the update by visiting the OnePlus community platform.

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