OnePlus Nord 2 Update: Fixes Security Vulnerabilities

OnePlus Nord 2 Update: Fixes Security Vulnerabilities

The OnePlus Nord 2, initially launched in July 2021, received its final significant update last year in the form of OxygenOS 13, which is based on Android 13. Following this update, the device has been consistently receiving incremental updates to address performance issues, bugs, and security concerns. The most recent update includes the latest Android security patch, resolving various vulnerabilities.

OxygenOS 13 F.51 Update

The latest update for the Nord 2, named OxygenOS 13 F.51, integrates the March 2024 Android security patch. This patch rectifies numerous security vulnerabilities, particularly two critical ones that could potentially enable remote code execution, allowing unauthorized access to the device.

Availability and Rollout

At present, this update is exclusively accessible to OnePlus Nord 2 users in India. The rollout is gradual, commencing with a smaller group of users before expanding to a wider audience. Consequently, it might take several days to a few weeks for all units to receive the update. Users can manually check for the update by navigating to Settings > About > Software Update. In case of any issues with the new firmware, users can provide feedback through the OnePlus Community or Google Dialer.

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