OnePlus Collaborates with App Defense Alliance to Enhance User Security

OnePlus Collaborates with App Defense Alliance to Enhance User Security

OnePlus Partners with App Defense Alliance to Enhance User Data Privacy and Device Security

OnePlus, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has announced its collaboration with the App Defense Alliance (ADA), making it the first company of its kind to join this important security group. This strategic move underlines OnePlus’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding user data and enhancing the overall security of their devices.

Joining Forces for a Safer Google Play Store

The App Defense Alliance was established in November 2019, with industry giants Google, ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium coming together to ensure the safety of the Google Play Store. The primary objective of this alliance is to conduct thorough scans of applications for malware before they are made available on the store. By pooling the expertise and technology of these renowned companies, the ADA aims to efficiently identify and prevent harmful apps from reaching users’ devices.

OnePlus’s Dedication to Security

OnePlus has consistently prioritized security in its product offerings. Their latest flagship device, the OnePlus 12, powered by OxygenOS 14, is equipped with an array of cutting-edge security features. Notable features include the Device Security Engine 3.0, an enhanced Security Center, Strong Box for chip-level data protection, Auto Pixelate 2.0, and photo permission management. These features work in harmony to provide users with comprehensive protection against potential threats. Moreover, OnePlus’s Intelligent Shield program has proven effective in identifying and blocking malicious applications.

Strengthening Efforts in App Security

Kinder Liu, the head of OnePlus, emphasized the significance of safeguarding user information as an integral part of the company’s mission. By partnering with the ADA, OnePlus aims to further fortify its endeavors in ensuring the security of apps against online dangers. The collaboration will enable OnePlus to leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of the ADA members, thereby enhancing the security measures implemented in their devices and applications.


OnePlus’s association with the App Defense Alliance marks a significant milestone for the company and the entire smartphone industry. By joining forces with industry leaders in app security, OnePlus is demonstrating its steadfast commitment to protecting user data and providing a secure user experience. As the first company of its kind to enter the ADA, OnePlus is setting a precedent for others to prioritize security and work collaboratively towards a safer digital ecosystem.

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