OnePlus 12R Update: New Animations & UI Features Introduced

OnePlus 12R Update: New Animations & UI Features Introduced

OnePlus has recently introduced several enhancements in its smartphone updates aimed at improving the overall user experience. The most recent OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 12R brings various new features, including animations, touch control improvements, and other enhancements to the user interface. Below is a detailed overview of the changes introduced in this update.

New Features in OxygenOS Update:

The update includes a range of visual enhancements and improvements to the user experience:

  • New Smooth Animation:
    • Introduces wallpaper zoom and seamless icon transitions during app launch and exit, enhancing the visual experience.
    • Adds various animations such as wallpaper zoom, brightness transitions, and bounce effects for smoother interactions.
    • Optimizes transition animations for Home screen icons, widgets, and device unlock actions.
    • Enhances visual effects in Quick Settings, Notification drawer, Home screen drawer, and Global Search.
  • New Touch Control Experience:
    • Adds transition animations for smoother app navigation and interactions.
    • Improves touch control responsiveness, making tapping, swiping, and app usage more efficient and stable.
    • Enhances touch responsiveness for various scenarios like opening and closing apps, navigating recent tasks, and using gesture controls.
    • Optimizes animations for usability in large folders and smoother app dragging on the Home screen.
  • System Enhancements:
    • Allows volume adjustment in Quick Settings.
    • Provides options to customize the Lock screen pattern and adjust floating window sizes.
    • Enhances system stability and integrates the latest Android security patch for improved security.


The OxygenOS update is currently accessible in North America, with plans to expand its availability to other regions in the near future. Users can expect these new features to enhance their OnePlus 12R experience significantly.

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