Ola Electric Patents Three Roadster-Inspired Electric Motorcycles

Ola Electric Patents Three Roadster-Inspired Electric Motorcycles

Bengaluru-based Ola Electric, a prominent electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently submitted patent applications for three forthcoming electric motorcycles. These new models share similarities with the Ola Roadster concept e-bike showcased on the company's official website. Despite previous concerns regarding battery fires, Ola's popular S1 e-scooter lineup has been well-received. Expanding their portfolio, Ola Electric aims to venture into the electric motorcycle market with the filing of patents for these upcoming bikes.

Patent Filings & Designs

Ola has explored various concepts in the past, and the recent patent submissions hint at a potential new range of motorcycles. Recent records from India's patent journals reveal that Ola has filed for three new electric motorcycle designs. These patents suggest the development of three distinct versions of the Cyber Racer model. Each of the three models, as depicted in the patent illustrations, showcases unique visual characteristics setting them apart from one another.

The primary model outlined in the patent features the thinnest tire, a basic alloy wheel design, a hub-mounted motor at the rear wheel, a simple swingarm, and shock absorbers. Notably, it exhibits sharp edges and a flat, one-piece seat. In contrast, the other two models appear sportier than the base variant, sharing similar fundamental specifications such as powertrain, suspension, swingarm, and panel details. Nevertheless, there are discernible disparities that differentiate these two sportier models.

Distinguishing Features

While one model adopts a single-seat configuration, the other presents a dual-seat layout. The ergonomics also exhibit slight variations between the two sporty versions of the forthcoming Ola Electric motorcycles. The single-seat variant showcases a taller, flatter handlebar, whereas the other features a clip-on handlebar.

These three Ola Electric patents display discrepancies in battery cooling, bodywork, and front facade. Although the launch dates remain undisclosed, the patent filings hint at the imminent unveiling of these new Ola Electric motorcycle models.

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