Nubia Red Magic 1S Gaming Mouse: 8K Polling, PAW 3395 Sensor

Nubia Red Magic 1S Gaming Mouse: 8K Polling, PAW 3395 Sensor

Nubia has introduced the Red Magic Gaming Mouse 1S, tailored for competitive gamers with a focus on precision and comfort. This gaming mouse pairs a lightweight design with high-end specifications. Let's delve into its primary features.

Key Specifications of the Nubia Red Magic Gaming Mouse 1S

The Red Magic Gaming Mouse 1S offers two color choices: Dawn Feng Transparent (black) and Dawn Feng Silver Wing (silver). Both variants showcase a transparent body with a honeycomb pattern, contributing to its ultra-light weight of just 75 grams. This lightness helps minimize hand fatigue during long gaming sessions, promoting quicker reactions and better control in games.

Internally, the Red Magic Gaming Mouse 1S is equipped with a PixArt PAW 3395 sensor, delivering a maximum DPI of 26,000 for top-notch tracking precision. The wired (Type-C) polling rate reaches up to 8,000Hz, ensuring almost instantaneous responsiveness with very low latency (as low as 0.125ms). This results in smoother cursor movements and precise targeting in fast-paced gaming scenarios.

Wireless and Battery Features

For those who prefer wireless operation (2.4G), the mouse employs Nubia's Magic Speed Wireless Technology. This technology, co-developed with Realtek, includes a wireless chip with a 4,000Hz polling rate and low latency, mimicking a wired experience. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity for everyday use.

The mouse features Kailh GM 8.0 Black Mamba micro switches, rated for an 80 million-click lifespan, ensuring durability. Additionally, it includes RGB lighting effects with 16.77 million colors, allowing for extensive customization and an enhanced gaming ambiance.

The Red Magic Gaming Mouse 1S incorporates a built-in 450mAh battery, promising up to 80 hours of usage (with lights off and a 1000Hz polling rate) on a single charge. It also comes with anti-slip stickers for better grip and a soft braided cable. The accompanying software allows for extensive customization, including button remapping, macro programming, and RGB lighting settings.

Pricing and Pre-Order Information

The Nubia Red Magic Gaming Mouse 1S is currently available for pre-order on in China, with a price tag of 369 yuan (approximately $51).

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