Nokia HMD Unveils HMD 105 and 110 Feature Phones in India

Nokia HMD Unveils HMD 105 and 110 Feature Phones in India

HMD Global has introduced its first self-branded phones in India, the HMD 105 and HMD 110. This launch is significant as it marks the company's transition from using the Nokia brand to its own brand.

HMD 105 & 110: A New Era for HMD in India

The HMD 105 and HMD 110 are the first phones in India to carry the HMD brand instead of Nokia. Both models come with an integrated UPI application, offering a blend of reliability and convenience. This UPI feature enables users to conduct secure and seamless transactions without requiring internet access. These phones boast a premium design characterized by robust corners, smooth curves, and textured surfaces, ensuring they are both comfortable to hold and easy to carry.

Commitment to Accessibility and Innovation

The launch of the HMD 105 and HMD 110 in India represents a significant achievement for the Nokia phone brand licensee. It highlights HMD's dedication to accessibility and human-centered innovation. The company states that these phones are loaded with features aimed at enhancing the user experience. They are stylish and dependable, equipped with advanced multimedia features, a voice assistant, and large displays that offer clear and vivid visuals.

Long-lasting Battery and Multilingual Support

Both phones come with a 1,000mAh battery, offering an impressive standby time of up to 18 days. The devices are built with a durable inner frame that reinforces their outer covers. They also support multiple languages, with up to 23 languages available.

One-Year Replacement Guarantee

HMD 105 and 110 phones in India come with a one-year replacement guarantee. These feature-rich models are designed to bridge the digital divide and improve financial access for the economically disadvantaged in India. HMD India emphasizes that these phones reflect their commitment to providing quality products at an affordable price.

Availability and Color Options

The HMD 105 will be available starting June 11 in black, purple, or blue color variants. The HMD 110 will be offered in black and green. Customers can purchase these feature phones directly from HMD or selected retail platforms across the subcontinent.

Nokia HMD Unveils HMD 105 and 110 Feature Phones in India
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