Announcement: NIU introduces KQi 300P and KQi 300X electric scooters with a range of up to 60km for all-terrain use.

Announcement: NIU introduces KQi 300P and KQi 300X electric scooters with a range of up to 60km for all-terrain use.

NIU has introduced two new all-terrain electric scooters, the KQi 300P and KQi 300X, which offer a travel range of up to 60km on a single charge. These scooters are equipped with dual-tube hydraulic suspension, regenerative braking, and app-based controls.

Features of the NIU KQi 300 Series

The KQi 300P and KQi 300X are part of the KQi 300 series, which also includes the previously released KQi3 Pro in 2022. These new models come with features that provide a more comfortable riding experience.

The KQi 300P is powered by a 450W electric motor that can be operated using a twist throttle, offering a peak power of up to 900W. It has a top speed of approximately 32km/h and can handle inclines of around 20%. The scooter has a range of about 48km.

On the other hand, the KQi 300X features a 500W motor with a maximum output of 1,000W and a top speed of 32km/h. It can climb hills with a gradient of 25% and has a range of about 60km. It is worth noting that the top speed of these models is limited by regulatory controls, although they have the potential to achieve higher speeds. The app allows the maximum speed of 38km/h to be activated when riding on non-public roads.

Both models come with different battery capacities. The KQi 300P is equipped with a 486Wh battery, while the KQi 300X comes with a larger 608Wh battery. Additionally, these e-scooters feature an LED dashboard, a deck, and 10.5-inch rubber pneumatic tires that provide extra shock absorption, even on challenging terrains. They also boast a triple-braking regenerative system for enhanced safety. LED lights at the front and rear, side reflectors, and turn signals further contribute to a safer riding experience. The app allows riders to adjust the scooter's riding mode, starting speed, and charging limit. It also provides features like locking and unlocking the e-scooters, cruise control, and over-the-air upgrades when available.

Pricing and Availability

Starting from January 31, the NIU KQi 300P and KQi 300X e-scooters will be available for purchase. The KQi 300P is priced at $849, while the KQi 300X is priced at $1,049. In the EU, the models are priced at €699 and €799, respectively. NIU is offering a discount of up to 30% to the first 200 customers who order the scooters within the first two days of their release.

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