Ninebot C85c & C80c Electric Motorcycles Launched: Top Features

Ninebot C85c & C80c Electric Motorcycles Launched: Top Features

The Ninebot C85c and C80c electric motorcycles have recently been introduced in China. These new additions to the Ninebot C series include a 72V 22Ah battery for the C85c and a 60V 22Ah battery for the C80c.


The Ninebot C85c/C80c sports a design inspired by UFOs. They come with a translucent front panel and lightsaber suspension lights. Available in various color combinations like crystal pink/warm, carbon green/ether, and white/ultra-pure gray, the bikes also include RGB lighting effects and triple positioning anti-theft features.

Both models are equipped with the Ridey Fun Air intelligent driving system. The large smart screen central control offers functions such as music track switching, navigation, and call reminders. Additional features include mole control, hill parking, and a TCS traction control system for improved handling in extreme conditions.

Technical Specifications

The Ninebot C85c features a carbon crystal (lead-acid) battery rated at 72V 22Ah, providing a range of 72km. The C80c, with its 60V 22Ah battery, offers a range of 64km. The C85c can reach speeds up to 52km/h, while the C80c tops out at 47km/h. The C85c is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, whereas the C80c has front disc and rear drum brakes. Both models come with a five-level adjustable rear shock absorber and a 24-liter seat bucket, along with keyless unlocking and OTA software updates/upgrades.

Pricing & Availability

The Ninebot C85c electric motorcycle starts at 5,399 yuan ($745), while the price for the C80c has yet to be announced. Customers can purchase the Ninebot C85c from various retail platforms in China, including

Ninebot C85c & C80c Electric Motorcycles Launched: Top Features
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