New Additions to Xbox Game Pass for February: Resident Evil 3 & Madden NFL 24 Arriving This Month

New Additions to Xbox Game Pass for February: Resident Evil 3 & Madden NFL 24 Arriving This Month

The Xbox Game Pass library is expanding with a range of new games that will appeal to a variety of gaming preferences. From mythical adventures to survival horror and strategic simulations, there’s something for everyone.

New Games Available Now

Subscribers can now access “Anuchard,” a game where players are tasked with reviving a fallen kingdom using the magical Audros Bell. Engage in battles and solve puzzles to reclaim the kingdom’s skyward glory.

Upcoming Releases

On February 7, “Train Sim World 4” will be available, offering a realistic train simulation experience with extensive customization options and detailed routes across the UK, Austria, and the USA.

Following closely on February 8, “Madden NFL 24” will launch, providing early access and exclusive content for football simulation enthusiasts who are EA Play members.

On February 13, “Resident Evil 3” will immerse players in the survival horror experience of Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City and the terrifying Nemesis.

Rejoining the Game Pass on February 14 is “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night,” a Metroidvania-style action RPG adventure.

For puzzle game fans, “A Little To The Left” arrives on February 15, offering engaging puzzles that turn daily messes into fun challenges.

Combining cooking action with roguelite progression, “PlateUp!” presents an innovative culinary challenge for players.

Launching on February 20, “Return to Grace” offers a visually striking ’60s retro sci-fi world for players to explore in a first-person narrative adventure.

Additional Updates

In addition to the new game releases, the update also includes DLC and game updates for various titles. “Sea of Thieves: Season 11” introduces new content, and “Mighty Doom,” “F1 23,” “The Sims 4,” and “Smite” offer Ultimate Perks for subscribers.

Games Leaving the Game Pass

Subscribers should take note that “Galactic Civilizations III” and “Opus: Echo of Starsong” will be leaving the Game Pass on February 15. This is the final opportunity to play these titles before they are removed from the library.

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