Moondrop Teases First "HiFi" Smartphone - Introducing "MIAD 01"

Moondrop Teases First “HiFi” Smartphone – Introducing “MIAD 01”

Moondrop, a well-known brand for its high-end IEMs and earbuds, has surprised its fans by sharing a teaser for its new smartphone on its website. The device, called MIAD 01, is listed as a “5G Hi-Fi Mobile Audio Device” and is said to explore the integration of art and reason.

Design and Features

While Moondrop has not revealed many details about the smartphone, a quick glance at its outline shows a power button and volume controls on the left side, suggesting a sleek and flat design. Given Moondrop’s audio-first approach, it is expected that the phone will have a built-in Hi-Res DAC and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There is also speculation that the phone might support high-end wireless codecs such as Sony’s LDAC, LHDC, and aptX Lossless, although these features have not been confirmed.

If these speculated features are indeed present in the Moondrop phone, it could potentially compete with Sony’s Xperia 1 V, which offers a headphone jack, hi-res audio support, and a range of wireless codecs like LDAC and aptX HD.

Distinctive Design

Moondrop is known for its daring design choices in its earbuds and charging cases, often showcasing distinctive and visually striking aesthetics. It is reasonable to expect that the MIAD 01 phone will follow suit and bring a unique identity to the market.

Launch Date

Unfortunately fans will have to wait for further updates from Moondrop to know when to expect the device.

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