Mehler Protection Unveils ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton for Law Enforcement and Military

Mehler Protection Unveils ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton for Law Enforcement and Military

Germany’s Mehler Protection has developed an exoskeleton called the ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton that could revolutionize the capabilities and protection of soldiers and law enforcement officers. This lightweight, full-body armor not only provides enhanced protection but also assists with heavy lifting, reducing the strain on the wearer.

Enhanced Capabilities and Protection

The ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton, developed by Mehler Protection, Mawashi Science & Technology, and the French elite police unit GIGN, offers a range of benefits to its wearers. The exoskeleton transfers up to 70% of the weight of the gear to the ground, allowing soldiers to carry heavy equipment without experiencing backaches or muscle fatigue. This is particularly useful when operating in rough terrains.

Top-Tier Ballistic Protection

The ExoM features a bulletproof shield made with high-quality ballistic materials that provide up to VPAM 8 ballistic protection. This means that wearers are protected even against high-powered rounds. Despite the protective armor, the exoskeleton maintains excellent mobility, thanks to its flexible spine and movable joints. Soldiers can climb, crawl, and maneuver with ease, retaining 99% range of motion.

Passive Exoskeleton

One of the most impressive features of the ExoM is that it is a passive exoskeleton, which means it operates without the need for external power sources like batteries. This eliminates the hassle of charging or replacing batteries, making it more convenient for wearers.

Deployment and Approval

Although the ExoM Up-Armoured Exoskeleton is an exciting development, its deployment in the field does not have a specific timeline at the moment. Governments typically subject such equipment to thorough testing and evaluation before giving their official approval. Therefore, it may take some time before the exoskeleton is widely used by soldiers and law enforcement officers.

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