Lotus Prepares for an Electric Shift with the New Type 135 Sports Car

Lotus Prepares for an Electric Shift with the New Type 135 Sports Car

Lotus Sets Sights on Electrification with New Type 135 Sports Car

Lotus, the iconic British brand, is preparing for a bold pivot towards electrification. By 2027, the company plans to phase out the Emira and introduce the electric Type 135 sports car. This new model, positioned as a more accessible alternative to the high-end Evija, is expected to have a price tag of approximately $95,345.

A Two-Seater Sports Car Preserving the Essence of Lotus

Mike Johnstone, Lotus Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasizes the importance of a two-seat sports car in preserving the essence of the Lotus brand. It goes beyond simply having a car with a Lotus badge; it’s about capturing the spirit and innovation that define the marque.

Engineering Marvel: The Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture

The Type 135 is not your average electric vehicle. It is set to be an engineering marvel, built on the Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture (LEVA). This innovative chassis is claimed to be 37% lighter than the one used in the Emira, although the final weight will increase due to the inclusion of a substantial battery pack.

Power and Versatility: One- and Two-Motor Setups

Lotus promises versatility with the Type 135, offering both one- and two-motor setups. The one-motor configuration will deliver 469 horsepower, while the two-motor setup will provide a whopping 872 horsepower. This flexibility allows for both rear- and all-wheel drive options, leaving room for a high-tech torque-vectoring AWD system similar to that found in the Evija.

Redefining Electric Sports Car Dynamics

The Type 135 aims to redefine driving dynamics for electric sports cars. Unlike many EVs that house batteries under the floor, Lotus plans to stack them behind the driver. This design choice ensures a lower seating position, providing a more authentic sports car experience that Lotus fans have come to expect.

Production Rooted in England

Production of the Type 135 will take place in England, marking a significant move as Lotus’ other models, the Emeya sedan and the Eletre SUV, are manufactured in China. With an annual sales target of 10,000 to 15,000 units worldwide, Lotus is poised to electrify the sports car market by blending traditional driving joy with modern electric efficiency. As Lotus prepares to embark on this exciting new chapter, the automotive world eagerly awaits its arrival.

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