Lenovo YOGA Pro 7 Ryzen 9 AI 365 Gets Korean Certification

Lenovo YOGA Pro 7 Ryzen 9 AI 365 Gets Korean Certification

Lenovo’s forthcoming laptop, the Lenovo Yoga Pro 7, also referred to as the Lenovo Yoga Pro 14s, has been spotted on the Korean Energy Agency’s website. This new certification has brought to light real-life images of the Lenovo laptop, which is equipped with the Ryzen AI 300 series processor.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 14ASP9 bears a striking resemblance to the previously introduced YOGA Air 14s. Earlier, we shared Geekbench results for the same Lenovo laptop, which is armed with the Ryzen 9 AI 365 processor.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 7

Despite breaking away from AMD’s conventional naming scheme, the new Ryzen AI processors are highly powerful. The Ryzen 9 AI 365 offers performance levels close to those of the Ryzen 9 7940HS and Ryzen 9 8945HS. The Geekbench result we shared earlier is actually for the forthcoming Lenovo Yoga Pro 7, as the model number on the laptop matches the “Lenovo 83HN” model number listed on Geekbench.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 – Lenovo 83HN

Another detail we know about the laptop is that it may come with either a 100W or 140W charging adapter, although this has not been confirmed yet. The Ryzen 9 AI 365 previously achieved a score of 2544 in single-core performance on Geekbench and 12745 in multi-core score. These results are quite promising in both single and multi-core performance.

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