Lenovo E20 Smart Lock: Pre-order Now for 399 Yuan ($55)

Lenovo E20 Smart Lock: Pre-order Now for 399 Yuan ($55)

Lenovo has a history of producing smart locks, offering a diverse range of options for consumers. The latest addition to their lineup is the E20 smart lock, which is now up for pre-order on JD.com starting April 22nd at a price of 399 yuan. This modern smart lock places a strong emphasis on security, featuring a triple-proof design that addresses issues like power outages and forced entry attempts.

Advanced Security Features

Users of the E20 smart lock have access to a 20-digit dummy password for added security. Unlocking your door with the E20 is a seamless process, thanks to its multiple unlocking methods. The device supports secure fingerprint scanning with 360° detection for a personalized experience. Additionally, users can enter a 20-digit dummy password, with the flexibility to include random numbers for enhanced protection. Encrypted 17-sector door cards provide another secure means of access, while remote temporary passwords generated via a mini program allow guest entry even without an active Wi-Fi connection. For situations where a physical key is necessary, the E20 includes a hidden keyhole with a backup mechanical key. To maximize security, the E20 can be configured to require a combination of two or more unlocking methods, ensuring optimal peace of mind.

Enhanced Security Measures

The Lenovo E20 smart lock is designed with security as its primary focus. It features a Class C direct plug anti-theft lock cylinder, the highest level of security within lock cylinder classifications. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to unlock your door or placing a premium on top-tier security, the Lenovo E20 smart lock stands out as a feature-rich and dependable choice for safeguarding your home.

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