Leaked: Live Images of Anbernic RG Cube Retro Gaming Handheld

Leaked: Live Images of Anbernic RG Cube Retro Gaming Handheld

Some images of the upcoming Anbernic RG Cube retro gaming handheld have emerged ahead of its official launch. Although Anbernic has not officially announced the RG Cube yet, the images of the Anbernic RG Cube highlight some similarities between the product and the Powkiddy RGB30 and ZPG A1.

The first details of the Anbernic RG Cube retro gaming handheld surfaced online a few days back. More details have subsequently emerged for the RG35XX SP, another retro gaming handheld that might be released soon. Several Anbernic employees have reportedly shared new photos of the RG Cube, further illuminating the upcoming model. The Anbernic RG Cube comes with two joysticks and shares the same button layout with the ZPG A1 Unicorn yet to be released. The layout is different from the Powkiddy RGB30.

Technical Specifications

The RG Cube gaming handheld has a d-pad, with its right-hand joystick sandwiched between the YXAB buttons and the Start/ Select buttons. The handheld is powered by the Unisoc T820 processor, already present in the Anbernic RG556. The Unisoc T820 chipset integrates the ARM Cortex-A76 CPU core @ 2.7GHz, three Cortex-A76 cores @ 2.3GHz, and four Cortex-A55 efficiency cores at 2.1GHz. Based on its architecture, the Anbernic RG Cube is more powerful than some of the current Anbernic gaming handhelds such as the RG35XX Plus.

Pricing and Availability

The Anbernic RG Cube retro gaming handheld pricing and availability details have not been officially released. It is, however, expected that the product will be available for the global market. The Anbernic RG35XX Plus and other Anbernic models are currently available from retail platforms like Amazon.

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