Launch of DreameBot L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner Confirmed on January 31 with Price and Key Features

Launch of DreameBot L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner Confirmed on January 31 with Price and Key Features

Dreame to Launch DreameBot L10s Ultra in India

Dreame, the renowned home cleaning brand, is set to expand its product lineup in India with the launch of the DreameBot L10s Ultra. This new device, scheduled to be released on January 31, is expected to offer advanced features and a seamless cleaning experience. Here are the confirmed details about the DreameBot L10s Ultra:

Pricing and Availability

The DreameBot L10s Ultra will be priced at Rs 74,999 (~$900) and will be available for purchase through Amazon. For offline buyers, the device will also be sold via Bora Mobility LPP distributors. Customers can enjoy a 1-year warranty on their purchase.

Key Features of DreameBot L10s Ultra

The DreameBot L10s Ultra is equipped with an innovative sensor navigation system that enables it to meticulously map the house and navigate obstacles with precision. This ensures that even the corners are cleaned thoroughly. The sensor system consists of an RGB camera and 3D structured light, enhancing the device's cleaning capabilities.

With a powerful 5,300Pa suction, the DreameBot L10s Ultra is capable of effectively cleaning various surfaces. Additionally, its auto-emptying and mop self-cleaning functions further enhance the convenience of the cleaning process.

The device is designed for a hassle-free experience, offering quiet operation at just 59 dB. It is also equipped with a long-lasting 5,200mAh battery that can cover up to 2700 sq ft on a single charge, ensuring efficient cleaning without interruptions. Furthermore, the DreameBot L10s Ultra integrates with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control it easily through a dedicated mobile app available for Android and iPhone users.

Other Offerings from Dreame

In addition to the DreameBot L10s Ultra, Dreame also offers other cleaning solutions in the Indian market. One such product is the Dreame D9 Max, which was introduced last year. Priced at Rs 24,999 (~$300), the Dreame D9 Max is a versatile cleaning device that caters to various cleaning needs.

With its continuous innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality home cleaning solutions, Dreame continues to establish itself as a leading brand in the industry. The launch of the DreameBot L10s Ultra further strengthens its product portfolio and provides users with advanced cleaning technology for their homes.

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