Keychron K15 Max Low-Profile Alice Layout Keyboard Starts at $104

Keychron K15 Max Low-Profile Alice Layout Keyboard Starts at $104

Keychron has introduced the K15 Max, a new model in their K Max lineup of mechanical keyboards. Priced starting at $104, it is available now on Keychron’s official website.

Keychron K15 Max Keyboard Specifications

The K15 Max is impressively thin, measuring just 17~22mm in thickness, making it one of the slimmest mechanical keyboards with wireless capabilities on the market. It utilizes Gateron MX 2.0 low-profile switches, providing options for tactile, linear, or clicky actuation.

This mechanical keyboard features a 75% Alice layout, an ergonomic design that positions the split spacebar and Fn keys in a more thumb-friendly location, potentially reducing strain and enhancing typing comfort during prolonged use.

The K15 Max comes with double-shot PBT keycaps, known for their durability and resistance to shine through. Keychron has also revamped the stabilizers on the K15 Max to reduce key wobble, especially on larger keys like the spacebar. The keyboard includes 22 RGB backlighting effects with additional customization options and three adjustable typing angles for better ergonomic comfort.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The K15 Max offers versatile connectivity options, including 2.4 GHz wireless with a 1000 Hz polling rate for low-latency gaming, Bluetooth 5.1 for connecting to multiple devices, and a wired USB-C connection for charging and wired use.

It features a 2000mAh battery, providing up to 110 hours of typing time with the backlight off and 64 hours with the RGB backlight set to the lowest brightness.

Customization and Pricing

Further customization is possible through Keychron’s QMK/VIA software. This open-source firmware allows for remapping keys, creating macros, and setting custom layouts for both Windows and macOS. Keychron has also launched their Keychron Launcher web app, simplifying the customization process for new users.

Keychron offers three configurations for the K15 Max: a white backlight version for $104, an RGB backlight version for $114, and a hot-swappable RGB backlight version for $124. The hot-swappable version allows users to change switches without soldering, enabling them to test different switch types to find their ideal typing experience.

Keychron K15 Max Low-Profile Alice Layout Keyboard Starts at 4
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