Introducing the OnePlus 12: A Massive 6.5GB Day-1 Update with Master Mode for Cameras and Enhanced Features

Introducing the OnePlus 12: A Massive 6.5GB Day-1 Update with Master Mode for Cameras and Enhanced Features

OnePlus 12 Launches Globally with New Master Mode for Cameras

The highly anticipated OnePlus 12 has officially launched in various regions such as the US, Europe, and India. Indian customers have already started receiving their new smartphones, accompanied by a day-one patch that brings a range of improvements and the new Master mode for its cameras.

Introducing OnePlus Master Mode

One of the key highlights of the OnePlus 12 is the introduction of the Master Mode, which is essentially an enhanced version of the Pro Mode found on previous OnePlus phones. This new mode offers users more control over their camera settings, allowing for a more personalized photography experience. Here are some of the features offered by the Master Mode:

  1. Manual adjustments: Users can now manually adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus. This provides greater creative control over the photos taken with the OnePlus 12.
  2. Hasselblad color tuning: OnePlus has collaborated with the renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad to bring their signature color science to the OnePlus 12. This means that users can expect photos with more natural-looking colors and accurate skin tones.
  3. RAW capture: The Master Mode also allows users to capture photos in RAW format, providing more flexibility during the editing process.
  1. Fine-tuning adjustments: Users can fine-tune various aspects such as contrast, saturation, sharpness, and vignette before capturing the photo, ensuring optimal results.

Firmware Update Details

In addition to the Master Mode, the latest firmware update with version CPH2573_14.0.0.404(EX01) includes several other improvements and enhancements. Here is a complete changelog of the update:


  • ProXDR is now available for Google’s Photos app.
  • Improved system stability.
  • Improved success rate of fingerprint unlock.


  • Improved stability and compatibility of Wi-Fi network connections.
  • Enhanced stability and expanded compatibility of the NFC function.
  • Improved stability and expanded compatibility of Bluetooth connections.


  • Added Master mode with Hasselblad color tuning to enhance photos with more natural and vibrant colors.

Update Instructions

The firmware update for the OnePlus 12 is quite substantial, with a size of 6.5GB. Therefore, it is recommended to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network before initiating the update. If you have not received the OTA notification yet, you can manually check for its availability by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your OnePlus 12.
  2. Select About device.
  3. Tap on OxygenOS.
  4. Choose Check for update.

Ensure that your device is sufficiently charged and backed up before proceeding with the update.

With the launch of the OnePlus 12 and the introduction of the Master Mode, OnePlus continues to deliver innovative features and improvements to enhance the user experience of its smartphones.

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