Introducing the Futuristic Dyson Supersonic r Hair Dryer with Cutting-Edge Design and Innovative Features

Introducing the Futuristic Dyson Supersonic r Hair Dryer with Cutting-Edge Design and Innovative Features

After excelling at vacuum cleaners for a couple of decades, the company stepped into the beauty market with the launch of hair dryers a few years ago. Later, it delved into air purifiers and expanded across the globe, with a current presence in 85 markets. The company is further broadening its wings with new innovative and futuristic products like Dyson Zone Air Purifying ANC headphones. The company introduced the Dyson Supersonic r Hair Dryer, bundling new designs and technologies while assuring it is a perfect tool for professional hair stylists and customers.

Dyson Supersonic r Hair Dryer

Crafted by the company on the recommendations of leading stylists across the globe, the Dyson Supersonic r is set to solve certain challenges that are prominent in traditional hair dryers. Weighing around 325 grams, the dryer’s r curve enables the professionals to easily serve the areas that are difficult to reach with old dryers due to their form factor. The new ergonomically designed r curve reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries.

New Streamlined Heater Technology

It brings the new streamlined heater technology that enables consistent heating across all corners. Instead of the traditional coil, it uses the new streamlined flow heater technology coupled with symmetrical foils. Along with the heat, the coil enables efficient airflow, reaching evenly in every nook and corner with no hotspots. It enables an evenly distributed spread of hot air, enabling a significant amount of heat, perfect for styling, which, as a result, prevents heat damage and maintains hair health.

Enhanced Features

Further, the Dyson Hyperdymium motor and Radio Frequency Identification sensors add enhanced features. The RFID technology helps the hair dryer communicate itself, enabling automatic motor airflow and temperature control. The smallest hair dryer is efficient and effective, featuring new heater technology, motor performance, and a new design. Precisely, it is 30% smaller and 20% lighter, offering fast drying, frizz-free, and smooth results.

“The Dyson Supersonic r Professional Hair Dryer builds on our commitment to innovation and excellence in beauty technology. Our new streamlined heater technology and high-speed motors enable precise airflow and temperature control, resulting in fast drying and superior styling benefits for all hair types,” said Gavin Galligan, Senior Design and Development Manager at Dyson Beauty.

Customizable Styling Experience

With three precise airflow settings, four heat modes, and ergonomic controls within easy reach, the Dyson Supersonic r offers a customizable styling experience without interrupting the session. Additionally, the depth-loaded filter captures professional pollutants, ensuring machine performance and longevity.

Dyson Supersonic r Hair Dryer will start retailing in March in some markets and will be followed by a launch in India. However, the actual launch date is not confirmed but will come “soon” after the global launch.

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