Introducing the 'Bento Button': ChromeOS 120 Update is Now Available

Introducing the ‘Bento Button’: ChromeOS 120 Update is Now Available

ChromeOS 120 has recently been released, bringing a range of updates and improvements to the ChromeOS experience. This latest version introduces new functionalities for virtual desk management and also marks the beginning of the phase-out of support for certain legacy media formats.

New Features in ChromeOS 120

Bento Button for Virtual Desk Management

One of the standout features of ChromeOS 120 is the introduction of the 'Bento Button'. This new shelf button is designed to streamline the management of virtual desks. With the Bento Button, users can easily visualize, switch, create, and order virtual desks. This enhancement greatly improves multitasking efficiency, especially for those who frequently use multiple virtual desks.

Phase-Out of Support for MPEG4 Part 2 and AVI Container

ChromeOS 120 also marks the start of the phase-out of support for the MPEG4 Part 2 video codec and AVI container. Users who still require these formats can temporarily re-enable support by using the chrome://flags/#cros-legacy-media-formats link. However, this workaround will only be available until the release of ChromeOS 125.

Additional Updates in ChromeOS 120

  • Mouse and Keyboard Customization: Users now have the ability to disable mouse scroll acceleration and adjust scroll speed. Keyboard settings have also been enhanced, allowing customization for actions such as right-click, home, end, and page up.
  • Resizable Picture-in-Picture (PiP): ChromeOS 120 introduces the ability to resize PiP windows using a pinch gesture, adding convenience to multitasking.
  • Revamped Emoji Picker: The emoji and GIF picker now features a dynamic color palette, making the selection process more engaging and visually appealing.
  • XDR Authentication Events: As part of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) on ChromeOS, authentication events such as login, logout, lock, and unlock can now be enabled, providing valuable insights into device security posture.
  • App Management and Details: Users can now view detailed information about installed apps, including storage usage, version number, and installation source.

Admin Console Updates for Administrators

For administrators, ChromeOS 120 brings new or updated policies in the Admin console. These policies, such as PowerManagementIdleSettings, ScreenLockDelays, LidCloseAction, and more, provide greater control over device management and security.

Overall, ChromeOS 120 introduces several exciting features and improvements that enhance the ChromeOS experience. From streamlined virtual desk management to enhanced mouse and keyboard customization, users can expect a more efficient and personalized workflow. Administrators also benefit from new policies that offer greater control over device management and security.

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