Introducing Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV with an impressive peak brightness of 3,000 nits

Introducing Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV with an impressive peak brightness of 3,000 nits

The Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV has been launched as a brighter flagship model from TP Vision. The 2024 model delivers a peak brightness of up to 3,000 nits, making it one of the brightest flagship offerings so far. The Ambilight TV also offers reduced latency for gaming applications, as well as features a new Game Bar.


The Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV is among the 2024 lineup which also includes the Philips OLED+909. The new Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV offers the Ambilight Plus upgrade with a larger halo of light and higher resolution. The model also features the 8th Gen P5 AI Dual Engine processor and offers Ambient Intelligence V3 for enhanced HDR and improved contrast. The AI Machine V2 tool brings enhancements and more details to the image, making it more realistic. The model also has the META Multi Booster algorithm to achieve a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV runs on Google OS and is compatible with Matter and Control4 Smart Home. The new Ambilight TV has a latency of 40ms, which is a significant improvement from the previous models with 200ms latency. This reduced latency makes the Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV suitable for gaming applications. In addition, the new Game Bar offers an enhanced gaming experience.

Immersive Audio and Stylish Design

The Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV comes with an integrated 102W 5.1.2ch sound system, delivering more immersive audio than the 3.1ch speakers in the OLED+909. Additionally, the flagship OLED+959 has a large floor stand made from aluminum and steel. The 2024 Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV will come with a 65-inch display and is expected to enter the market around Q3, 2024.

Pricing & Availability

It is unclear at this time whether the Philips OLED+959 will be available in other size variants. The full pricing information for the model, as well as the global availability details for the new Ambilight TV are lacking.

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