Introducing Mevo Core: Logitech’s Latest 4K Livestream Camera at $999

Introducing Mevo Core: Logitech’s Latest 4K Livestream Camera at $999

Creators interested in enhancing their livestreaming setup now have a fresh alternative from Logitech, albeit with a substantial price tag. Priced at a significant $999, the Mevo Core stands out as a 4K livestreaming camera, marking a notable increase from Logitech's earlier 1080p Mevo Start model.

Enhanced Features for Professional Streamers

The Mevo Core introduces noteworthy enhancements tailored towards professional streamers. Its 4K resolution enables cropping and zooming capabilities without compromising video quality. Additionally, it features a larger 4/3 CMOS sensor, enhancing low-light performance and depth of field.

Additional Equipment Required

In a departure from the Mevo Start bundle, the Core is sold as a body-only unit. Users will have to separately invest in a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens to kickstart their streaming setup, contributing to the overall expenditure.

Noteworthy Specifications and Features

Despite its premium price, the Mevo Core offers compelling attributes. It comes equipped with a built-in three-microphone array that incorporates noise cancellation, addressing a common issue with the previous model. With support for WiFi 6E, smoother streaming experiences are promised with compatible routers. Moreover, the camera provides a six-hour battery life, ensuring decent portability. Additionally, it can function as a wired or wireless HD webcam, providing users with added versatility.

While the Mevo Start remains a viable choice for creators on a budget, the Mevo Core emerges as a robust solution for those in search of top-tier 4K streaming capabilities, albeit at a premium cost.

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