Introducing Hisense Starlight S1 Laser TV: 100-inch Screen for 19,999 Yuan

Introducing Hisense Starlight S1 Laser TV: 100-inch Screen for 19,999 Yuan

Hisense has recently introduced the Starlight S1 laser TV in the Chinese market. This latest offering from Hisense boasts a 100-inch 4K ultra-high-definition screen with a remarkably thin design, making it a sleek and modern addition to any living space. The innovative folding frame design of the new Hisense laser TV allows for easy installation in various environments without the need to worry about damaging windows or doors.

Cutting-Edge Features

The Hisense Starlight S1 TV showcases an advanced display technology that produces softer light, enabling a viewing distance 35 inches longer than that of traditional LCD TVs. Viewers can immerse themselves in the stunning visual effects of the TV at close range, enhancing their overall viewing experience. Moreover, the Starlight S1 laser TV prioritizes eye protection, color accuracy, energy efficiency, and reduced blue light emissions. It also boasts low reflection and minimal glare, with an impressive anti-light rate of 83%.

Advanced Specifications

The Hisense Starlight S1 supports a wide color gamut coverage of 99% DCI-P3 and has received IMAX Enhanced certification. It features DMD microsecond level dimming and AI adaptive noise reduction for optimal performance. The TV intelligently adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing, offering the option to display artwork in a specific area for a decorative touch.

Enhanced Audio and Connectivity

This laser TV provides users with immersive surround sound through a 90W full-scenario sound field, supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS sound effects. The subwoofer delivers a peak power output of 60W, while the two front speakers output 15W each. Additionally, the Starlight S1 laser TV includes two HDMI interfaces, an RJ45 network port, two USB ports, and an optical fiber port for versatile connectivity options.

Pricing & Availability

Equipped with 3GB/128GB of memory/storage space, the Hisense Starlight S1 is compatible with WiFi 6 and offers features like NFC one-touch cast and large-screen multi-person calls. This cutting-edge laser TV, featuring a 100-inch foldable display, is currently available for purchase in China via retail platforms such as for 19,999 yuan ($2,779). While global availability details for the new Hisense product are yet to be announced, consumers in China can now experience the next level of home entertainment with the Starlight S1 laser TV.

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