Introducing Gocycle's Lightweight and Foldable CX Lineup of Electric Cargo Bikes

Introducing Gocycle’s Lightweight and Foldable CX Lineup of Electric Cargo Bikes

Gocycle has introduced the CX series of electric cargo bikes, which are known for their elegance, lightweight design, and foldability. This new lineup is specifically designed for families and includes two models: the CX Plus and the CXi.

Gocycle: A British E-Bike Company

Gocycle is a British e-bike company that was founded by Richard Thorpe, a former McLaren car designer. Since its inception, the company has been manufacturing e-bikes inspired by Formula One. The CX series of longtail electric cargo bikes from Gocycle features the innovative Flofit adaptable handlebar setup, which the company claims is the most adjustable-for-comfort handlebar ever developed. It offers adjustable reach, grip angle, and multiple hand positions for urban riders.

Versatile and Foldable Design

The Gocycle CX series of cargo e-bikes are designed with a foldable feature, adding versatility to the models. Although there have been some leaked images of the Gocycle CX lineup, an official photograph of the model is currently unavailable. However, given Gocycle’s reputation for delivering premium e-bikes since 2009, it is expected that the CX series will live up to expectations. Gocycle has a history of producing foldable e-bikes with integrated running lights, internal cable routing, minimalist displays, and other impressive features.

Impressive Features and Specifications

The Gocycle CX can support a total weight of up to 220kg, despite its lightweight 23kg body. This cargo e-bike is lighter than some existing models while offering a higher load capacity. Gocycle claims that the dual-legged retractable design of the CX series’ center kickstand allows it to support such a massive load. These kickstands are lightweight, strong, and foldable. Although the patent for the new kickstand has not been made public, it has been tested with a maximum load vehicle rating of 220kg, as well as for multi-passenger and rider loading and unloading scenarios.

The frame of the Gocycle CX series electric cargo bikes is made of alloy at the front and carbon fiber at the rear. Additionally, the bike features a carbon fiber wheel and fork. The e-bike is equipped with a 375Wh removable battery that provides a range of 80km. It can be fully recharged in just 3.5 hours. Customers in the US will receive a 500W motor with a top speed of 32km/h, while European customers will have a 250W motor with a top speed of 25km/h.

Pricing and Availability

Gocycle is currently accepting pre-orders for the CX electric cargo bikes. The CXi model is priced at $7600/€7000, while the Gocycle CX Plus is priced at $8,860/€8,210/£6,999. The earliest deliveries of the Gocycle CX are expected to begin in September 2024 for customers in the US and UK.

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