HyperOS Update Rolling Out to Mi 10 Series: Based on Android 13

HyperOS Update Rolling Out to Mi 10 Series: Based on Android 13

Last month, Xiaomi announced that the HyperOS update would be available for the Mi 10 series in April. As per the schedule, Xiaomi has initiated the rollout of the update for all devices within the series, including the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, and Mi 10 Ultra.

Update Details and Specifications

The update does not introduce the latest Android 14 but instead operates on Android 13. Specifically, for the Mi 10, the update carries the firmware version and comes with an installation package size of 4.1GB.

Changelog Highlights

The updates for the Mi 11 Pro and Ultra are packed with firmware versions and have a file size of 4.2GB. Furthermore, the update brings along the March security patch.

Xiaomi HyperOS Update Features

Low-level Refactoring

  • Xiaomi's ThePaper OS base has been revamped for enhanced hardware performance.
  • Dynamic task identification and dyeing technology for optimized resource allocation based on task importance.
  • Introduction of an ultra-low-power rendering framework for improved battery life and smoother animations.
  • SOC integrated frequency modulation for faster response to computing power requirements.
  • Refreshed storage technology to reduce fragmentation.
  • Upgraded intelligent network selection capability for smoother network performance in weak environments.
  • Enhanced signal stability through dynamic antenna strategy adjustments.

Cross-Terminal Intelligent Connection

  • Xiaomi HyperConnect facilitates efficient cross-device connectivity and collaboration.
  • Integrated device center for real-time networking and control of surrounding devices.
  • Support for cross-device calls and data flow between devices with enhanced security and privacy protocols.

Global Security

  • Emphasis on security and privacy protocols for device interconnection.
  • Mutual security verification through TEE and encrypted data transmission at the hardware level.
  • Cross-end privacy system for comprehensive management and monitoring of internet behavior.

Aesthetics of Life

  • Life-sense aesthetics for a globalized visual experience with dynamic effects.
  • New motion language for a coherent global motion experience.
  • Vitality color system and unified system fonts for a refreshed interface.
  • Enhanced weather design and visuals with a real-time weather engine.
  • Dynamic display of key information with a focus notification system and artistic lock screen.
  • Upgraded desktop icon design and multi-task window management for improved usability.

To access the latest firmware, users can navigate to Device Settings > About > Software Update > Check for Update. Before proceeding with the update, ensure that your device has sufficient storage and battery life to prevent any potential issues or data loss. It is recommended to backup important files to avoid any data loss during the update process.

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