Huawei Watch 5 Series to Feature HarmonyOS NEXT

Huawei Watch 5 Series to Feature HarmonyOS NEXT

A recent leak from Weibo indicates that Huawei is gearing up to release new wearables, the Watch 5 Series, potentially launching later this year alongside the Mate 70 smartphone.

According to tipster Fixed Focus, the Watch 5 Series will sport a different design compared to its predecessor. Software improvements are also anticipated.

New System and Software

The tipster mentions that the wearable will feature a "new system," likely hinting at HarmonyOS NEXT. Huawei is currently developing this new version, with a launch expected on June 21.

Specific details regarding the features and functionalities of the new OS remain unclear. The tipster didn't divulge much additional information about the Huawei Watch 5 Series.

Previous Model Highlights

For context, the Watch 4 Series gained attention as the world’s first non-invasive high blood sugar monitoring smartwatch. It boasted a 1.5-inch LTPO sapphire display encased in titanium, with various customizable watch faces.

Despite its size, the Watch 4 Series was noted for its lightweight design. It supported over 100 workout modes and monitored health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), stress, skin temperature, and arterial stiffness.

Battery life differed based on the model. The Standard version provided 3 days of usage, while the Pro model extended that to 4.5 days. An “ultra-long battery life” mode could prolong endurance to 21 days. Connectivity features included eSIM support for calls and LTE 4G for data, along with fall detection for added safety.

Awaiting Official Details

While this new leak offers an early look at the potential features of the Watch 5 Series, official details remain scarce. We will need to await further announcements from Huawei to confirm the launch date, specifications, and pricing.

Huawei Watch 5 Series to Feature HarmonyOS NEXT
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