Huawei P70 Series Launch Event Allegedly Cancelled

Huawei P70 Series Launch Event Allegedly Cancelled

Huawei’s intentions regarding the debut of the P70 series have turned into a puzzle after news surfaced about the cancellation of a press briefing. Speculations from industry experts hint that the phones might sidestep the traditional launch event and become part of a unique “Pioneer Program,” potentially hitting the market sooner than anticipated. This unexpected turn of events follows a statement by Weibo tipster Bad Review Emperor, who ignited discussions on social media by questioning the sudden cancellation of the press conference and media ticket refunds.

Uncertainty Surrounding Launch

There are indications that authorized Huawei outlets have initiated the acceptance of pre-orders for the P70 series. Although the official release schedule remains ambiguous, this development suggests that the phones could be up for grabs in the near future.

Advanced Features and Hardware

Details leaking out about the P70 series indicate a focus on robust hardware and cutting-edge functionalities. Insights from recent Geekbench listings propose that the Kirin 9000S chipset is set to power these devices, potentially varying in clock speeds for standard and premium models. Expectations include top-notch displays, featuring a 6.58-inch or 6.8-inch 2.5D 1.5K LTPO panel with an alluring quad-curved structure.

Enhanced Camera System and Technology

Rumors hint at the use of either the OV50H or IMX989 sensor, both incorporating a physical variable aperture, for the cameras. Anticipate a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens alongside a 50MP 4x periscope telephoto lens, contributing to an impressive camera setup. The devices are also projected to introduce new satellite communication capabilities and a fresh exterior design.

This potential shift in launch strategy mirrors Huawei's past unconventional tactics, such as the discreet online release of the Mate 60 Pro last year, sans a formal press event. The idea of a surprise launch for the P70 series looms. Furthermore, leaks suggest that Huawei may introduce 10 additional products alongside the P70 series.

Huawei P70 Series Launch Event Allegedly Cancelled
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