Huawei Mate 70 Leak: 3D Zoom, Better Camera, Satellite Communication

Huawei Mate 70 Leak: 3D Zoom, Better Camera, Satellite Communication

A recent tip from @SmartPikachu on Weibo hints at substantial enhancements for the forthcoming Huawei Mate 70 series. These improvements could encompass advanced display technology, superior charging capabilities, upgraded camera systems, and refined software functionalities.

The tip includes a possible 3D spatial zoom feature designed to offer a more immersive video and audio experience, surpassing conventional 2D filters. This feature might be paired with an enhanced periscope lens and a new generation of variable aperture technology.

Enhanced Camera Capabilities

Moreover, the Mate 70 series is speculated to incorporate new OmniVision camera sensors, potentially boosting overall camera performance. The leak hints that this camera system might even outshine the Pura 70 series. For security, a 3D face recognition lens is reportedly being developed for the front of the Mate 70 smartphones.

The leak also hints at optimized wireless charging for the new series. An earlier leak suggested an ISP imaging chip to enhance video recording capabilities, with the 3D spatial zoom feature possibly adding further improvements.

Satellite Communication Feature

Interestingly, the leak suggests that all Mate 70 models might include satellite communication. However, it remains uncertain if Huawei will integrate features like satellite image transmission, seen in the Pura 70 series, or restrict the functionality to satellite calls.

Regarding the display, there seems to be a division within the Mate 70 models. Three models, including the “Ultimate Design” variant, are expected to use curved display panels, while the standard versions might have flat screens with a 1.5K resolution.

HarmonyOS NEXT

Details about the new Kirin chips, overall performance enhancements, and AI features are still unknown. On the software side, the Mate 70 series will run on HarmonyOS NEXT, as confirmed earlier this week.

While this leak provides a sneak peek into the potential features, it’s crucial to remember that most specifications are yet to be confirmed by Huawei. More information is likely to emerge in the coming days.

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