Huawei Launches Harmony OS Limited Beta in China

Huawei Launches Harmony OS Limited Beta in China

Huawei has initiated a special closed beta program for a select group of users to test out the latest version of their Harmony OS operating system. This program aims to introduce users to fresh features that are geared towards enhancing user experience, such as streamlined navigation, improved security protocols, and quicker system responsiveness.

Limited Opportunity for 2,000 Testers

Only a limited number of 2,000 testers will have the chance to be a part of this exclusive program. It's crucial to note a few key details before diving in:

Key Considerations

  1. Limited Spots: The program will accommodate only 2,000 testers.
  2. Upgrade Commitment: Once you shift to the beta version, reverting back to the stable one won't be possible.
  3. Region-Specific: Presently, the program is exclusively available for users in China using devices with EMUI.

If you're a Huawei user in China and own a compatible device like Mate or P60 series smartphones, Mate X3 foldable phones, MatePad Pro tablets, or specific V and SE series TVs, you are eligible to partake in this opportunity. To enroll, access the Upgrade section within the My Huawei app before the application deadline on March 30th.

By joining this beta initiative, participants will gain early access to Harmony OS's latest functionalities and assist Huawei in pinpointing and addressing any potential glitches before a broader release.

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