HP's New 4K IPS Monitor with Thunderbolt 4 and Secondary Charging

HP’s New 4K IPS Monitor with Thunderbolt 4 and Secondary Charging

Another significant release for professionals in the creative and productive fields! HP has introduced a new monitor tailored to enhance your workspace: the HP 732PK, a 31.5-inch model now accessible on JD.com starting at 6,999 yuan.

The monitor is crafted to deliver precise color replication for creative tasks

Cutting-Edge Display Features

This top-tier monitor showcases a remarkable 4K 60Hz IPS Black panel, perfect for sharp imagery and vibrant colors. With VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification, it ensures exceptional contrast and a broader spectrum of colors. Moreover, factory color calibration achieving a ΔE<2 rating guarantees remarkable color precision. Whether you are photo editing, graphic designing, or simply indulging in entertainment, the HP 732PK offers an immersive visual journey.

Innovative Connectivity and Functionality

The HP 732PK doesn't stop at stunning visuals. It comes equipped with a built-in Thunderbolt 4 interface, serving as the ultimate multitasking ally. This robust port enables you to daisy-chain a second 4K monitor, expand your workspace, transfer data swiftly at 40Gbps, and supply up to 100W of power to your laptop, all through a single cable.

Enhanced Productivity and Sustainability

Adding to its user-friendly features, the HP 732PK includes a KVM switch, enabling seamless transitions between two computers using the same keyboard and mouse, boosting productivity and reducing desktop clutter. An intuitive control design further elevates the user experience. By simply pressing the monitor's power button, you can power up both the monitor and your connected laptop simultaneously, even if the laptop lid is closed.

HP emphasizes sustainability with the 732PK. The monitor is crafted using 85% post-consumer recycled materials and 5% ocean plastic, while the stand incorporates 90% recycled aluminum. The packaging is fully recyclable, and the monitor holds certifications such as TCO, EPEAT, and ENERGY STAR.

HP's New 4K IPS Monitor with Thunderbolt 4 and Secondary Charging
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