Honor MagicBook X14/X16 Plus Laptops with Ryzen 7 Now Available from 4499 Yuan

Honor MagicBook X14/X16 Plus Laptops with Ryzen 7 Now Available from 4499 Yuan

Honor recently introduced its latest lineup of laptops, the MagicBook X14/X16 Plus, featuring advanced AI capabilities aimed at boosting productivity. Alongside these laptops, Honor also unveiled the Honor Magic 6 RSR Porsche Design and the Honor Band 9 in China.

Pricing and Availability

The MagicBook X14 Plus and X16 Plus laptops are now available for purchase in China, starting at 4499 Yuan and 4699 Yuan for the 14" and 16" variants, respectively. The launch prices commence from 4699 Yuan and 4899 Yuan for the X14 Plus and X16 Plus models.

Specifications and Features

Both the 14" and 16" laptops are powered by the Ryzen 7 8845HS processor and feature the integrated Radeon 780M GPU. These laptops are equipped with LPDDR5x memory and offer a performance mode that can be easily activated using Fn+P.

Distinct Features of X14 and X16 Plus

The Honor MagicBook X14 Plus boasts a 2.8K IPS display with a matte anti-glare finish, 120Hz refresh rate, and 430 nits peak brightness. On the other hand, the MagicBook X16 Plus comes with a 2.5K panel.

Battery and Weight Differences

The 16" MagicBook X16 Plus houses a larger 75W battery compared to the 60W battery of the 14" variant. Additionally, the 16" model features a better cooling system, reaching 45W TDP in performance mode, whereas the smaller laptop peaks at 40W. Both laptops support 65W charging, with the X14 Plus taking 1.5 hours for a full charge and the X16 Plus requiring 2 hours. Moreover, the X14 Plus is notably lighter, weighing 1.34kg, while the X16 Plus weighs 1.79kg.

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