Honor Magic V Flip: What to Expect from the First Flip Foldable

Honor Magic V Flip: What to Expect from the First Flip Foldable

After numerous leaks and speculations, Honor has officially announced the launch of its inaugural flip-style foldable phone, the Magic V Flip. Set to make its debut in China on June 13th, this device is anticipated to feature the largest cover screen on any flip phone.

The phone’s other specifications are also expected to be competitive. So, what can we realistically expect from this new foldable contender? Here’s a breakdown of the confirmed and rumored features of the Honor Magic V Flip.

Bigger Cover Screen

Foldable phones with a clamshell design have become quite common by 2024. Samsung and Motorola were pioneers in this area, which sparked interest from other brands like Vivo, Oppo, and more. Honor is entering a market already filled with established players but is aiming to stand out, particularly targeting women with this new device.

Rumors suggest that the Magic V Flip will sport a cover display measuring over 4 inches, the largest yet on a flip foldable. The display is expected to have very thin bezels and a slight curve for easier grip, as shown in the image below.

Honor Magic V Flip: What to Expect from the First Flip Foldable

The larger display will enhance the phone’s usability while folded, making it easier to check notifications, compose messages, or use a limited set of apps without unfolding the device. Official images reveal a dual-camera cutout on the cover display, likely featuring a wide and ultrawide lens combo. Interestingly, the LED flash is placed on the bottom half of the device. The device will be available in three colors – Camellia White, Champagne Pink, and Iris Black.

Internal Display

While details about the internal display are limited, teasers indicate a large, uninterrupted foldable screen. Honor’s “IMAX Enhanced” certification for its book-style Magic V foldable could potentially extend to the Flip variant.

The hinge, a vital component in any foldable, remains a mystery. However, durability and a minimized crease will likely be significant selling points, especially since Honor's book-style foldables are known for having barely visible creases.

Performance and Battery

The Magic V Flip is confirmed to come with 12GB of RAM, with storage options ranging from 256GB to an impressive 1TB. The specifics about the device’s processor are still undisclosed.

Battery life is a common concern for foldable phones due to design constraints, but the Magic V Flip seems to break this mold with a substantial 4,500mAh battery, as revealed by previous certifications. If true, it would be the largest battery on a flip foldable to date. Additionally, the device will support 66W fast charging for quick top-ups.

Camera and Others

While the cover display will feature a dual-camera setup, details about the megapixel count, sensor size, and capabilities remain unknown. Honor has not yet disclosed the camera specifications for the unfolded phone either.

The Magic V Flip will launch with the latest version of Magic UI, Honor’s custom skin based on Android 14. Although specifics about optimizations for the foldable form factor are not provided, it’s reasonable to expect features that leverage the dual displays for multitasking and enhanced functionality.

The Verdict

The Honor Magic V Flip distinguishes itself among current flip phones with its large cover display and substantial battery, all within a classic clamshell design. However, key aspects such as the internal display quality, hinge durability, and camera capabilities remain unknown, making it difficult to fully assess how the Magic V Flip will fare against its competitors. The forthcoming launch will provide more insights into Honor’s foldable ambitions.

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