Hisense CanvasTV: 4K QLED, 144Hz, Surround Sound

Hisense CanvasTV: 4K QLED, 144Hz, Surround Sound

Hisense has introduced the CanvasTV, a matte display that transforms into a digital art piece when not in use, marking its entry into the art-imitating-television market. This innovation bears a resemblance to Samsung's The Frame TV but comes at a notably lower price point.

Competitive Pricing and Specifications

The CanvasTV is available in 55-inch and 65-inch models, priced at $999 and $1,299, respectively. In contrast, The Frame starts at $1,499 for the same size. Despite its affordability, the CanvasTV features a 4K QLED display with anti-glare technology, similar to its more expensive counterpart. Additionally, it offers a 144Hz refresh rate for seamless visuals, an ambient light sensor for automatic adjustments, and multi-channel 2.0.2 surround sound.

Artistic Features and Functionality

Equipped with a variety of pre-loaded artworks in abstract, modern, and renaissance styles, the CanvasTV allows users to effortlessly switch between these and their own photos using the "Art Mode" button on the remote. The TV includes a motion sensor that powers off the display when the room is unoccupied, enhancing energy efficiency.

Affordable Art-Integrated TV Option

While LG and other smart TV manufacturers have explored gallery apps and features like LG's "Gallery Mode" for displaying artwork, Hisense's CanvasTV stands out as the most cost-effective choice in the US for those seeking a TV that seamlessly merges with art in the background.

The CanvasTV is packaged with a wall mount and a teak frame. For those looking to match their decor, interchangeable white and walnut frames can be purchased separately. The CanvasTV is set to be available in stores this summer.

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